Adobe lancia nuovi strumenti digitali per i creators ispirati a David Bowie thumbnail

In David Bowie’s dressing room thanks to Adobe

After launching, on June 15th, a series of new digital tools inspired by the White Duke, Adobe renews its tribute to David Bowie, taking us on a virtual tour of the iconic British artist’s dressing room. In particular we go to the backstage of the character of Ziggy Stardustwho turned 50 just last month.

Wandering around Bowie’s dressing room, a dream for the artist’s fans but for all music lovers, is part of an experience / game. This is made possible thanks to one meticulous virtual reproduction of the spaces that Bowie frequented before going on stage. Much of the virtual material takes shape from the original photos of Mick Rockfamous British music photographer.

Adobe’s official press release reads:

Users can enter the room, awaiting David’s return from the stage, search for a variety of Ziggy Stardust items, including her famous red platform boots, the Hagstrom guitar, green and gold bracelets inspired by the ones that designer Kansai Yamamoto designed for Bowie, or a leopard-print accessory said to be a gift from the actress of the video. The Jean Genie, Cyrinda Foxe. Once these treasures have been identified, you will receive privileged information on the design and importance of the objects for David ”.

Once in Bowie’s dressing room, we will have to look for various objects that will give us interesting information about the character of Ziggy Stardust. But be careful: David is on stage performing an encore. We must therefore hurry before he returns to the dressing room.

Click here to start the virtual tour of David Bowie’s dressing room.

Bowie 75: come Adobe celebra David Bowie

©The David Bowie Archive credit

This initiative is also part of Bowie 75, the official campaign that celebrates the 75th birthday of the chameleon artist. Bowie’s backstage experience was realized thanks to of the Substance 3D era, in collaboration with 3D artists from the Adobe Community. All the objects in the game are available in an exclusive and limited collection, to be used within Creative Cloud as PNG and Substance files to inspire the creation of your own alter egos.

In fact, remember that Adobe released a series of free tools for creatives just last month, inspired by David Bowie. Between these:

  • A range of makeup brushes which bears the name of some of his greatest hits, such as “Ashes”, “Changes”, “Major Tom” and “Queen Bish”.
  • Adobe’s pattern samplerwhich allows creatives to choose the fabrics and patterns of Bowie’s best-known dresses to transform them into something completely new.
  • Brightly colored backgrounds and props in 3D Substanceinspired by David’s posters and album covers.
  • A pack of stickers which incorporates the iconic graphics of the English artist, such as the famous lightning bolt by Aladdin Sane and the astral sphere by Ziggy Stardust.
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