In Italy, hacker attacks have grown by 169%

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According to the recent Clusit Report relating to 2022, hacker attacks in Italy have grown by 169% and the trend does not seem to be rosy for this 2023. The Clusit Report is drawn up annually by the Italian Association for IT Security.

An alarming figure, if we consider that today, almost all of our information is stored in digital databases. It is no coincidence that March 31st, in a few days, will be celebrated Backup Day. A day that serves to remind us of the importance of saving copies in secure archives.

“The best way to protect your data, avoiding losing it or being violated, is to provide a security system with daily updates”, he explains Emanuele Cappellettisales representative for Italy of Crown Records Management.

How to protect yourself from hacker attacks in Italy

Cappelletti provides us with a series of tips to avoid falling into the network of cybercriminals. The first advice, obvious but not trivial, is to choose secure passwords and change them often. It is important not to write them in easily accessible places and activate, where applicable, thetwo-factor authentication (2FA).

The dangers deriving from connections should not be underestimated either Public Wi-Fis. These are networks that are accessed by many users at the same time, thus exposing the network to vulnerabilities.