In London, eSport is studied at the university

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La no-profit British Sports Association has signed a partnership with College of Sports, the first university in the world dedicated to competitive gaming. Students will be able to receive a level accreditation Higher Education (HE), starting from the academic year 2022/2023.

British Esports Association, in partnership with the College of Esports

A university designed for the world of competitive gaming, which includes a level path Foundation, Undergraduate e Postgraduate. The courses will be administered by the College of Esports in the iconic Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from London. Starting from September 2022 for the next academic year.

The students’ experience will focus on more classical academic subjects, seen through the magnifying glass of the gaming industry. They use the “TRICurriculum“: There will be a main course supported by two additional curricula that will help students to enter the world of work.

Each course promises to have the best teaching and of provide direct knowledge in the world of export. The goal is to provide long-term knowledge that is flexible and durable enough to last a student’s entire career.

We will talk about international esports, IP rights, player and talent management, events and sponsorships. And then of logistics, marketing and all sectors related to competitive gaming. The British Esports Association will provide their knowledge as well as give recognized qualifications to the students.

Professor Philip Wilson explains: “Our partnership will create a hub for the UK export sector and provide an additional legacy to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as create community work and support in the neighborhoods where we will work.”

Prospective students can register at this address.