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In Sound Mind: the disturbing psychological horror for consoles and PC

The worst psychological fears will come to life on September 28, the date set for the release date of In Sound Mind. The trailer throws us into the creepy puzzles that players will have to solve in this psychological horror.

In Sound Mind: l’horror psicologico di Modus Games

With an announcement that arrived just today, Modus Games announces the release of the new psychological horror: In Sound Mind. And what better way to announce a psychological horror than to upset everyone? So here comes the trailer, which shows us the puzzles and scenarios present in the game. The title was created by the team behind the legendary mod Nightmare House 2.

As therapist Desmond Wales begins searching the minds of his patients, he must unravel what unites them and find out the truth about what happened to the town of Milton Haven before he himself falls victim to his mind.

The player is confronted with the unpredictable dangers that mix within the memories. Created by the team behind the legendary mod Nightmare House 2, In Sound Mind transforms seemingly simple memories into shocking encounters with incredible scenes, terrifying dangers and, not to miss anything, a mysterious talking cat.

Screenshot from the game

In Sound Mind will be available for PC, PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X | S from September 28th. The Nintendo Switch version will be available later in the year. Would-be victims can download the demo and add the game to Steam’s wish list by visiting this address. To pre-order the game, we refer you to the official website.

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