Increase comfort at work with the new ergonomic Wave Keys keyboard from Logitech

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Today, Logitech introduced Wave Keys and Wave Keys for Business, two ergonomic wireless keyboards designed to meet the growing demand for comfort and well-being in work environments

The Logitech Wave Keys keyboard features a unique wave-shaped design in a compact layout, designed to provide a more comfortable typing experience without the need to readapt to a new typing mode. Plus, it features a built-in padded palm rest to ensure long-lasting support throughout your workday.

Increase comfort at work with the new ergonomic Wave Keys keyboard from Logitech

Logitech Wave Keys: comfort and style in your ergonomic keyboard

With the increase in time spent in front of the computer by individuals of all age groups, the recent market study published by RationalStat indicates that an increase in the demand for ergonomic solutions is expected, with an expected growth of 4, 6% over the next seven years.

“We believe everyone deserves to feel good at the end of a workday, so we set out to design workspace essentials that are as attractive and accessible as they are ergonomic,” says Art O’Gnimh, general manager of the Core division Personal Workspace by Logitech.

“The Wave keyboard has workplace wellbeing at its core, thanks to a design based on science and approved by leading ergonomists.”

The keyboard Wave Keys Of Logitech stands out for its ergonomic wave-shaped design, which promotes a natural position of the hands, wrists and forearms while typing. Furthermore, it has a comfortable wrist rest integrated it’s a compact layout which easily fits on various desks in home or business environments.

It is available in three classic colors: Graphite, Off-White and, starting from spring 2024, Rose too (in selected markets).

Logitech placed a special emphasis on sustainability in the design of the Wave Keys. The model is certified as carbon neutraluses paper packages from FSC certified forests and other controlled sources and includes post-consumer recycled plastic parts, with a percentage of 61% for Graphite and 46% for Off-White.

The keyboard is compatible with various operating systems and can be connected via Bluetooth or using the included Logi BOLT receiver for added security.

Can be connected to a maximum of three devices simultaneouslyamong which Mac, PC e iPad, with the ability to easily switch between them via a single key. Users can customize your typing experience using l’app Logi Options+ to assign productivity shortcuts, such as activating Do Not Disturb mode to stay focused or configuring smart actions to save time and maintain an efficient workflow.

Wave Keys is part of the ERGO series from Logitechwhich also includes the Lift vertical ergonomic mouse and other products aimed at promoting wellbeing in the workplace. The company has adopted an ergonomics-oriented and scientific research-based approach to the design of its products.

The keyboard has undergone rigorous user testing, including testing conducted at Logitech’s Ergo Lab, and has been approved by US Ergonomics.

For companies that place special emphasis on employee well-being, Logitech offers the version Wave Keys for Businessdesigned to offer comfortable typing and secure wireless connectivity via Logi Bolt.

This release complies with evolving corporate security standards.

Thanks to Accommodation Boltcompanies can deploy convenient keyboards at scale and monitor them remotely via Logitech Sync to ensure employee devices are healthy and always up to date.

The Logi Options+ app is available globally to allow employees to personalize their user experience, simplifying repetitive tasks through Smart Actions and configuring keyboard shortcuts.

The tastiera Logitech Wave Keys will be available in Graphite colors e Off-White starting October 13, 2023 on the website and at resellers around the world, at retail price of €84.99.

Il Rose color will be available in select markets starting in spring 2024.

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