Indiana Jones: The Bethesda game is still in the early stage of development

According to Bethesda, we will have to wait until next year for news on the new game dedicated to Indiana Jones

Bethesda, after announcing it earlier this year through the presentation of a teaser, is back to talk about the game dedicated to Indiana Jones currently under development at one of the firm’s studios. However, this is not good news: apparently, the project is still in his embryonic stage development and it is therefore very likely that players will have to wait for the next year to get concrete information on its appearance and on the expected release period.

Here’s what Bethesda said about the development of the Indiana Jones game

Of the state of the new game dedicated to Indiana Jones spoke Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of communications and marketing. The latter, during a recent interview, placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that members of the development team are still working on an early stage of the development process. Additionally, the game’s executive producer is Todd Howard, who is also currently working on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, which will likely take precedence.

The development of the game was put in the hands of the team Machine Games, the studio best known for developing all the titles in the Wolfenstein reboot. A new game dedicated to the most famous archaeologist in the world hasn’t been released for more than ten years; the last game dedicated to him that has been released is Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, a title developed by Behavior Interactive and released by LucasArts in 2009.

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