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Indie video games not to be missed: the best independent games of July

The heat is felt, the holidays are approaching for many, but there is never a shortage of good time to devote to the videogame passion. In fact, this never goes on vacation! If we ushered in the summer with the best indie tips of June, now we come back to you with new items recently baked and worth having on your hands. So do not miss our information dedicated to the best video games in the independent sector for this month of July, all to be discovered with you!

5 Indie Video Games of July

  • Cordens Interactive – Vesper: Zero Light Edition
  • 34 Big Things – Redout 2
  • Black Onyx Interactive – Dicey Krime: Traveler Of Time
  • Sword & Axe – Dark Deity
  • Saber Interactive – Evil Dead: The Game
  • 1. Cordens Interactive – Vesper: Zero Light Edition

    Let’s start the selection of indie video games for July with an all-Italian production, which has landed on our screens for two months already. Let’s talk about Vesper: Zero Light, a work born from the passion and talent of Cordens Interactive and available on Steam.

    Vesper introduces us to the world of Aryish, now in ruins but once the cradle of an android civilization. The protagonist, Seven, is just one of them, who survived a planetary crisis and is at the beginning of a journey without too many explanations given to us. Between ancient architectures and aggressive machinessurrounded by a twilight atmosphere, the plot is told without the use of dialogues, but only for juxtaposition of environments and clues left by holograms. The puzzle structure is therefore very evident, as well as being effective for gradually revealing the events related to this story.

    Vesper: Zero Light Edition

    Vesper: Zero Light Edition

    Cordens Interactive

    9,99 €

    A title that more than one run is worth a try and retry, Vesper offers an artistic sector with a distinct sci-fi taste as well as offering several contemplative moments. This graphic solution leads us to discover a gameplay that is not as exciting, at least from an adrenaline point of view. The pace is in fact very low, except for a few moments of escape. Here, in fact, we speak, as anticipated, of the puzzle genre, so we await puzzles to solve and some enemies to defeat. All seasoned with a not excessive and well-calibrated difficulty, where the ability to make the stealth mode one’s own also makes a difference.

    An interesting title, a discovery of the Italian independent scene that has been able to break through our hearts, and we hope yours too.

    2. 34 Big Things – Redout 2

    We continue our selection of indie video games of the month with a title that takes us to insane speeds, thanks to the races offered by Redout 2, the result of the work of 34 Big Things that give us this simulator. We were faced with a title that it certainly requires precision in commands and adopt one driving style different from the previous chapter. Forget what you’ve seen so far, and discover with us this new experience, available from June for PC and consoles.

    Redout 2 turns out to be a title with quite different types of commands among them, choices that make it unique and able to increase the competitiveness rate for the players. Difficult is the challenge, but also the degree of general satisfaction, without forgetting a series of aids offered by the AI ​​in driving, to make the experience more enjoyable even for those who are not professionals. In fact, with the highest degree of support, most mistakes are automatically avoidable and frustration has little chance of being heard.

    Starting from this ease of approach to gameplay, let’s take a look at the numerous and very different slopes. The race modes are fairly in the norm and a variety of racing, speed racing and a variety of races are offered general sense of progression guaranteed by the career mode. The latter is definitely full of events and unlockable upgrades with really pleasant and enjoyable aesthetic customizations for lovers of these contents.

    Redout 2

    Redout 2

    34BigThings srl

    29,99 €

    In the end the graphics sector gives us very different maps each other and equally colorful, with fascinating settings and special effects are no exception. However, there are also some smudges dictated by poor sharpness of some details, but we can overcome this impasse considering the speed at which we travel and our concentration in the race. Basically, a racing game to be enjoyed, and immediately!

    3. Milestone – Rims Racing

    This month there is no lack of adrenaline of speed: after Redout 2, we also tested RiMS Racing, not a car simulator, as in the previous case, but a motorcycle simulator. Now in PC version, the work of Milestone it is definitely precious once again and we have tried all its potential, which we immediately share with you.

    RiMS Racing is a game with a fairly up-to-date motorcycle customization system, but with an AI that deserves the attention of the team for improvement. Even the technical sector fails to win the comparison with other titles of its kind, although it turns out to be a solid simulator. We have in fact the dizzying feeling of being on our bike, without immediately showing a certain ease in the control of the vehicle and in the commands. Due to its nature as a simulator, those who are already accustomed to driving these vehicles already know how to juggle, thanks also to a natural and plausible response of the bike along the way, between rigid suspensions, a feeling of “tail” and so on. We therefore have the possibility to change driving style depending on the asphalt, the condition of the tires and so on.

    RiMS Racing

    RiMS Racing

    Raceward Studio

    27,49 €

    Finally we remind you that RiMS Racing foresees three difficulty levels, each offering different driving aids and with a good learning curve. Also looking at a really tasty option, a system is available that allows us to improve our vehicle in the pits and in the development center. Here we have an series of minigames that allow us to take apart different parts, a diversion and a pleasant and interesting pastime. In general, there remains a bad taste in the mouth for an AI management that is really not up to the performance of this team.

    Net of this rather evident neo, the efforts produced in many other situations of the game are equally remarkable, giving us a distinct experience in 70 different events, 15 circuits and over 500 components to customize each vehicle. Important numbers for a title, and a team that knows .. “to count”.

    4. Carnegie Mellon University – Dreamward

    Among the indie video games chosen for the month of July, we have also reserved a trip to the Far East, to the land of the Rising Sun, with Dreamward. A very interesting projecthowever small, the one carried out by the students of Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center, and which culminated in Dreamward, a ‘puzzle-solving experience which combines innovative gameplay with amazing art and music.

    Inspired by the Tang and Tubo cultures, the story that took place during the Tang dynasty, when there were two Chinese princesses, is told. Jincheng e Wencheng, who married the emperors of Tubo for diplomatic purposes. Although they lived in different generations, they shared very similar destinies due to the duty they were given: to keep the peace between two empires.

    Available for free on, we are faced with a truly singular story, albeit quite reduced from the point of view of its longevity, but able to tell a story that is hardly told in the world of videogames. This title tells indeed a story with particular nuances, of which, however, we have only part of it available, as it is a developing project. We therefore look forward to getting our hands on a potential next and even more complete version of this title as soon as possible!

    5. Ironhide Game Studio – Legends Of Kingdom Rush

    We now conclude our selection of July indie video games with one of the most acclaimed titles on mobile. Legends of Kingdom Rush, part of a series born as tower defense, already a derivation of the strategic, it goes back to the origins of the genre and to turn based. The work of Ironhide Game Studio convinced us, although it turned out to be quite simplified.

    Let’s start right from basicity of the interface, suitable for touch screen mode, where the options are clear and easy to understand even for the youngest (or even small) players. The gameplay seemed solid and with different references to the RPG world, but still maintaining a generally “light” appearance and with the characterization of the characters and the unoriginal story, not only for the players in general, but above all for those who already know the franchise.

    The turn-based strategy genre emerges from the gameplay right away, with tactical clashes on the pitch and with some attention to the party roster. The advancement is generated by the enhancement of the characters, thanks to the unlocking of new skills and without any kind of waiting or in-app purchases planned. A plus that …

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