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Instagram, all the news coming in 2023

Il 2023 is the year that sanctions the introduction a lots of news from Instagram. Many of them have been clamored for by users, others have also been introduced because Meta feels it has to continue to hold its own against Tik Tok. We all know that Mark Zuckerberg’s app always wants to keep up with the Chinese one. Let’s see in detail all the features that will be introduced on Instagram during this 2023.

Instagram, news coming in 2023

Many new features arriving in 2023 on Instagram, the photography and now video app par excellence, used all over the world by people of all ages.

The search bar in Stories

One feature that all users have been waiting for, especially content creators, is just the search bar in Stories. Based on what has been reported, it seems that Instagram has started testing the search bar in Stories. The bar contains the wording seek viewers and therefore gives the possibility to type the name of a person and see if he has viewed the Story. Thanks to this function, it will no longer be necessary to scroll through the list of names that have viewed the Story, making the search process much easier and faster. There is currently no information on when this type of feature will be released.

Zoom in on other people’s Stories

It must have happened to everyone to scroll through the Stories and see a small and interesting detail that remains so because Instagram has never given the possibility to zoom in on other users’ Stories. Instead, it seems that this feature will be introduced, although it is not yet known when. According to some sources, Zuckerberg’s app is already working on this feature. So far, you can only zoom in on photos and videos in your feed.

The Instagram Rating

A few days ago the Note Instagram in Italy. What is it about? It is a feature found in the message section. It gives the possibility to leave, in fact, a note, or a thought of a few characters – maximum 60 – written and viewed by all. Graphically, it is made visible by some circles at the top of the screen, corresponding to who wrote the notes. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Facebook status, so much so that it is possible to write exactly what you are thinking at that moment.

Le Candid Stories

Another interesting feature that has already been active for a couple of months is the Candid Storiesor the ability to take a picture, both with the front camera and with the external one, without filters and to show what is being done at that precise moment of the day. Definitely inspired by the new BeReal app, Candid Stories represent private content visible only to friends and those who have activated this function. Plus, it’s also short-lived, just like a normal Story.

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