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Instagram and Facebook introduce Europe subscriptions

Instagram e Facebookthe two platforms of Metahave officially announced the launch of paid subscriptions for users in Europe. Who decides to subscribe to these social networks will no longer be disturbed by viewing advertising: 9.99 euros from the web and 12.99 euros per app, per month. But it will still be possible to use these services in an appropriate way freefor those who have no problem watching some advertisements.

Instagram and Facebook, paid subscriptions in Europe

The decision of Meta to introduce paid subscriptions in Europe comes above all because it was influenced by the ruling of Court of Justice of the European Union. Last December, the Court ruled that Meta cannot use users’ personal data for ad targeting unless users have given a explicit consent.

The announcement by Metareported by Repubblica, explains: “We firmly believe in afree internet supported by advertising and we will continue to guarantee free access to our products and services, regardless of different economic availability. We are committed to maintaining people’s personal information private e safein compliance with regulations and EU Data Protection Regulation.”

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How much does a Facebook and Instagram subscription cost?

The cost to access the services via the web will be 9.99 euros per monthwhile for social network apps on iOS e Android will be of 12.99 euros per month. Meta specified that the subscription will be valid for all accounts Facebook e Instagramregardless of the platform from which the purchase was made.

Until’March 1, 2024the initial subscription will cover all accounts linked to the Account Management Center of the user. However, starting fromMarch 1, 2024they will serve 6 euros per month for each additional account entered into the Account Management Center of the user, while on iOS e Android will be of 8 euros per month.

Social payment

This move by Meta is only the latest in a series of similar initiatives that have involved practically every platform social. Not only Facebook e Instagram They’ve already been offering the “Meta Verified” paid option for a while, designed primarily for creators. But they have paid services too Snapchat, Twitter with his service X Premium, Telegram and even TikTokwhich is reportedly launching an ad-free version for a cost of $4.99 per month.

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