Instagram is about to launch the Create feature for the feed: here’s what it’s all about

Instagram sta per lanciare la funzionalità Crea per il feed: ecco di cosa si tratta thumbnail

After throwing Create for the Feed on various international markets, Instagram has begun to test the functionality for Italian users as well. With the new tool it is possible create text posts for the feedwithout necessarily adding the classic photos or videos.

It is essentially the same Create functionality that we already know for stories, but applied to profile posts. In announcing the news, Meta said:

“We tried to bring some of the features people love to use in Stories to the Feed, including sharing text content.”

How to use Create for Feed on Instagram

The feature is currently being tested in Italy, which means that Instagram is reserving the tool for a small number of randomly chosen users. If you have the app updated to the latest version, and you’re lucky enough, you might be able to try Create for Feed. The feature is expected to arrive soon for all users.

To use Create for the Feed, just click on the “+” in the Instagram home, the one you usually use to add a new post. At that point the voice will appear “Aa” which will allow you to create a text post, just like stories.


Among the other novelties being tested on Instagram we also point out:

  • Ability to create a blacklist of unwanted keywordsthus the app will not show you content related to unwanted topics
  • Silent mode designed for teenagers who spend a lot of time on the app. This hides notifications and automatically replies to DMs via a preset message. It is a way to ensure a “social break” for young people.
  • A new home layoutwith a different arrangement of the main buttons.
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