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Instagram Launches Collaborative Collections: Here’s How They Work

Instagram Launches Collaborative Collections: Here's How Thumbnails Work

Among the new features to which Instagram is working there are also le collaborative collectionsofficially launched today. It is a simple and creative way to create collections of content (photos, videos, Reels) together with your friends. Let’s try to understand together how this new Instagram option works.

How Instagram Collaborative Collections work

As mentioned, the functionality will allow you to create collections of posts that can be shared by other users. Not only that, these will be able to contribute to the collection itself. So if, for example, you love cat videos – and everyone loves cat videos, except dogs – and you have other friends with this obsession, you no longer need to send a certain content to everyone separately. Instead, you can save that video to a shared library, where you’ll also find content added by your friends. In short, the mechanism is that of Spotify’s collaborative playlists.

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To create a collaborative collection just use the bookmark button (the one that usually allows us to save content). At that point the writing will appear “save to collection” and we can tick the voice “collaborative”. Alternatively you can create the collection by holding down on the bookmark button, which will take us directly to the creation.

Once the collection has been created, we can give it a name and add friends to it. Instagram collaborative collections can include up to 250 users for an unlimited number of saved posts. If there is a private profile among the added accountsonly people who follow that profile will be able to see the posts it adds to the collection.

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