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Instagram, login problems with the verification code

Some users are having trouble accessing Instagram in recent weeks, due to the procedure of two-factor authentication. The problem can be of various kinds but first make sure you have done it all the steps to set up the account correctly.

Instagram: how to fix login problems with verification code

In the last period, Instagram has decided to increase the level of security for access to the social network. To do this he introduced a two-factor identification system. A much more secure login mechanism than the password, which is becoming too vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Although the two-factor system may seem cumbersome at first, you will quickly get used to it and you will keep your account safeno matter which device you connect from.

To make sure you’ve set your two-factor passcode, you need to:

  • Go on yours profile by clicking the icon with your photo in the app
  • Touch the icon with the three lines of the menu top right
  • Choose settings (the bezel icon)
  • Once selected Protection, click on Two-factor authentication
  • Now choose Start


At this point you have to select which system you want to use. You can choose one of the apps on your device such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile. Choose the one that’s right for you, activate it and then use the verification code sent to the app to complete the procedure.

If, on the other hand, you choose to receive SMS on the smartphone, wait for the code to arrive as a message. Now you have to enter the code received and then tap on Fine.

To simplify access to your smartphone, already protected with fingerprint / face unlock and very secure, you can authorize the device at the first connection with two-factor authentication. Just select “Authorize this Device”.

By following these steps you should be able to log into your account safely. If not, try repeat the procedure described. On the official Instagram site you will find more information in case of problems.

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