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Instagram: NFTs will arrive on the platform shortly

Mark Zuckerberg never ceases to amaze us. And this time he goes really big. In fact, during a recent speech at South By Southwest, he announced that soon NFTs will arrive on Instagram. An incredible announcement, on which the CEO of Meta did not add any specific details. What matters, however, is that finally a project already anticipated by Mosseri last year is becoming a reality. But let’s find out more about the digital collectibles coming to one of the most popular social platforms ever.

Instagram: NFTs arrive on the platform

“We are working to bring NFTs to Instagram in the short term,” he announced Mark Zuckerberg. Beyond this, however, the CEO of Meta has not released any news on the details of the project. Although he has hinted that users will have the ability to display their digital objects on the platform, and potentially to mint new ones. “I’m not ready to announce exactly what it will be today – said Zuckerberg -. But in the next few months, there will be a chance to showcase some of your NFTs, and hopefully over time even coin things within that environment. ”

But what would the arrival of NFTs on Instagram mean in detail? That users will have the ability to sell a post as a digital collector’s item? Or that it will be possible to coin one as a pass to access exclusive Stories? The answer is only one: at the moment, we don’t know. And, apparently, neither does Mark Zuckerberg seem to know for sure. Clearly, the new Instagram project could be linked to that of the metaverse of Meta. “I hope you know. The clothing your avatars wear in the metaverse, you know, can practically be coined like NFTs and you can take them to different places. “

In short, the idea of ​​introducing NFTs on Instagram seems to be quite ambitious. But, as Zuckerberg himself reported, there are “a lot of technical things that need to be fixed before it really happens smoothly.” First, Meta should make sure that objects integrate well on different platforms, which isn’t particularly easy. And most importantly, she would have to construct a metaverse for this to be possible. Still, Instagram doesn’t seem to be the first platform to succumb to the allure of digital objects. At the beginning of the year, Twitter introduced a feature that allows some users to set an NFT they own as their profile picture. Could this be the intent of Instagram? Maybe.

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