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Instagram tests a full-screen Feed

Another update for the Instagram App, which is becoming more and more similar to the competitor TikTok. According to reports from TechCrunch, in fact, the platform is testing a Full screen feed. This means that by opening the App, users will see the contents in vertical format, so as to “bring the videos to the fore and to the center“. To confirm the test is the same Adam Mosseriwhich announced that the new video format will slowly start appearing on selected users’ apps.

Instagram: App tests the Feed in full screen

Adam Mosseri announced that the Instagram App is officially testing a full-screen Feed in perfect TikTok style. An image leaked on the Net, in fact, clearly shows a Feed in which comments, captions, Likes and other features appear above the post instead of below. In this new setup, Stories should maintain their current position at the top of the Feed. Or so he reports Its Kima spokesperson for Meta.

Instagram App Feed

The search functions, the Reels, the shopping section and the user’s profile will be accessible from the buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Notifications, messages and new features, on the other hand, will remain above the posts. Images and videos, on the other hand, will all be integrated into the new full-screen Feed of the Instagram App. This way the platform will get even closer to what TikTok’s current design is. And this does not surprise us at all, given that for some time now the company has chosen to focus everything on short-format content.

The Feed test, therefore, is added to a whole series of changes already implemented by the platform to resemble its biggest competitor.

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