Vasco Electronics M3: un traduttore vocale per abbattere le barriere linguistiche thumbnail

Instant Voice Translator? Here is Vasco Electronics M3

Vasco Electronics M3: a voice translator to break down language barriers thumbnail

In view of Father’s Day, Vasco Electronics presents us an instant voice translator, perfect for trips abroad and for fathers used to travel.

A voice translator with over 70 integrated languages

It is shortly until March 19, the day on which Father’s Day is celebrated. And for those who have a parent dedicated to travel, perhaps for work or perhaps for passion, here is an interesting gift idea. It is about Vasco Translator M3, produced by Vasco Electronics: an instant voice translator that breaks down language barriers. Perfect for work in a foreign land and extremely effective given the over 70 languages ​​it is designed for. The device is also extremely compact and simple to use. Pocket-sized and versatile one would say, but also fast (a translation requires only 0.5 seconds and offers a level of 96% precision and accuracy).

Among the features that differentiate it from other similar products on the market we point out:

  • SIM included
  • Free Internet connection in over 200 countries
  • Two microphones and two high quality speakers
  • Battery with autonomy up to 180 hours
  • Three special modes of use: TranslaCall (perfect for telephone conversations); Multitalk (ideal for conversations with multiple groups and perhaps in different languages. No anxiety or remorse for having abandoned the study of Esperanto, multitalk will translate groups of up to 100 people for you); Photo translator (designed to include signs, directions and writings around cities. Just take a photo)

In short, it is appropriate to say goodbye, adios, au revoir and bye bye to the inevitable misunderstandings caused by languages ​​unknown to us.

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