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Intel and Broadcom, a first taste of Wi-Fi 7

Intel Corporation e Broadcom they made the first demonstration of Wi-Fi 7a solution allows to wirelessly transmit a signal of over 5 gigabits per second. The test was done with a laptop equipped with an Intel Core processor and the Wi-Fi 7 solution, with a Broadcom access point.

Intel and Broadcom, first demonstration of Wi-Fi 7

Transmission speed requirements are growing more and more and Wi-Fi 7 is the standard that can guarantee them. In fact it offers channels from 320 MHz wider in the spetro 6 GHzwithout licenses, with the possibility of modulating i data 4K QAM a whole order of magnitude higher. It also allows mult-link operations on simultaneous connections and greater stability in transmission on multiple channels.

In practice, this means that it will be possible to enable services such as augmented and virtual reality, lo streaming fino a 16K and the ultra-responsive gaming and without latency. And best of all, support a huge number of devices, both at home and in the office. A need dictated by the rise of IoT and connected devices.

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Carlos Cordeiro, Intel Fellow and Wireless CTO, Client Computing Group, Intel, explains, “We are proud to demonstrate how next-generation Wi-Fi 7 enables new mobile PC user experiences. Collaboration between IT operators is essential to take full advantage of the potential of this new wireless technology. We thank our colleagues at Broadcom for their important technical cooperation, which helped bring about this first-of-its-kind demonstration of Wi-Fi 7 technology, featuring ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency. “

Vijay Nagarajanvice president, Broadcom’s Wireless Connectivity Division points out, “The result we achieved today sends a clear message: the ecosystem is ready and Wi-Fi 7 is here to deliver tremendous capacity and ultra-fast connectivity to extend the gigabit band. “.

If you want to learn more, find here the resources on Intel Wi-Fi 7 and here those of Broadcom.

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