Intel and Samsung: here is the new collaboration with Galaxy Book Pro

Intel is partnering with Samsung to deliver advanced mobility, connectivity and performance experiences with the new Galaxy Book Pro

Digitization is more and more marked and evident everywhere you look. The past year has accelerated the digital transformations that were already underway, sparking new ones. The uncertainty stemming from the pandemic has presented to people and companies new opportunities and new challenges in the pursuit of their most important goals.

The PC has become an essential tool to help us live our lives. Regardless of the age, the generation of who uses it, the computer is an integral part of our daily life: from work to learning, from health to entertainment and more. Wendy March, Principal Engineer of Intel’s Project Athena innovation program, said Intel’s innovations can lead to products that let you feel proud and self-confident and that reflect your personality. In other words, information technology can help people achieve their personal goals. In addition, the PC is the device to which he turns to carry out his most important works.

Intel and Samsung: here is the new collaboration with Galaxy Book Pro

The platform Intel Evo, with 75 models already certified on the market and more on the way, it is designed and created to offer an exceptional experience of use on the move. Samsung is with Intel at the forefront of making the devices they represent a new step forward in the way people will be able to transport and use them.

A new chapter of collaboration

These days Samsung and Intel have announced a new chapter in this shared vision, combining the best of what the two companies have to offer to enable advanced user experiences in terms of mobility, connectivity and performance – all to enable people to express their full potential without limitations.

Intel is proud of its achievements with the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. Among the best Intel Evo certified products on the market and based on 11th generation Intel Core processors, the new Galaxy Books offer incredible user experiences, combining the best of smartphones, tablets, and PCs in a new class of devices.

Intel and Samsung: here is the new collaboration with Galaxy Book Pro

The development themes of Intel and Samsung have passed hundreds of thousands of hours together, sharing research and developing customized solutions not only to satisfy, but also to anticipate user requests. Together, they co-designed a new family of PCs that meets all the standards of the Evo platform, including best-in-class responsiveness, instant standby awakening and long battery life.

We have further improved the user experience by making the thinnest Evo devices in the world; Bluetooth capabilities customized by Intel to enable seamless interactions between peripherals and devices, uncompromising connectivity with 5G and Intel Wi-Fi 6E functionality.

This experience is unique in the industry and, looking to the future, we can expect even more from Intel’s partnership with Samsung; with a strengthening of the cross-device experience thanks to the creation of a new co-engineering team dedicated to the advancement of mobile computing innovation.

Intel and Samsung united for cutting-edge technologies

  • A new microarchitecture built by Intel leveraging multiple types of core XPU.
  • Uniquely designed PCs based on the Galaxy DNA.
  • More personalized information technology through advanced artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Even more interconnected experiences, enabling people to work and share content across all their devices.

Additionally, a global co-marketing campaign is underway that will turn the spotlight on the experiences offered by Intel Evo-based Galaxy devices.

Intel and Samsung: here is the new collaboration with Galaxy Book Pro

“Converting those ideas into real products is only possible by collaborating with one shared engineering vision. Intel’s ability to extend reach and create together with innovative partners like Samsung is what excites our teams. ” Concluded Greogry Bryant, executive vice president and general manager, Intel’s Client Computing Group.

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