Intel announces two new factories in the United States

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Intel announced an investment of 20 billion dollars to build two new factories di chip in the United States. The unprecedented investment in Ohio will help the company meet the growing demand for chips from partners. In addition, Intel is pledging $ 100 million to train American Midwestern talent who will work in the two factories.

Intel announces two new factories in the United States

Intel has long recognized the growing need for various partners to use chip e semiconductors to make products of all kinds. A fundamental market for the future and full of possibilities. The construction of the two factories in Ohio is in fact part of the strategy IDM 2.0, which involves the construction of new production sites, also in Europe.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, explains that: “Today’s investment marks another important way that Intel is leading efforts to reassert US leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. Intel’s actions will help build one more resilient supply chain and will ensure reliable access to advanced semiconductors over the next few years ”.

This investment will be the largest by a private individual in Ohio history. The prospect is to create well 3,000 jobs within Intel and 7,000 places in the construction sector for the construction of the two factories. The site of the two factories will cover over 400 hectares of land in Licking County, just outside of Columbus.

The megasite could accommodate as many as eight chip factories, as well as provide space for operations support and partner ecosystems.

According to Intel forecasts, the works should start already by the end of 2022. The goal is that the two factories currently planned can become operational as early as 2025. This will be the first chip manufacturing site built by Intel in the past 40 years.

Intel’s investment promises to attract dozens of ecosystem partners, with a global impact on the US economy, not just Ohio. Intel also promised $ 100 million to train future workers in the territory of the American Midwest.

You can read more details and all the statements at this address.

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