Intel anticipates the specifications of the new generation of Thunderbolt

Intel anticipa il debutto della nuova generazione di Thunderbolt thumbnail

On Oct. 19, 2022, Intel demonstrates early prototype for next-gen Thunderbolt based on newly released USB4 v2 spec. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

In these hours, Intel has announced the future arrival of the next generation of Thunderbolt. The new standard will debut in the course of 2023. For the moment, however, the company has not yet released a precise date. Note, however, that they have been revealed the first specifications of the new generation of Thunderbolt from Intel. The generation leap will be considerable.

Intel reveals the first details on the new generation of Thunderbolt: Apple already at the window

According to the data provided by the company, the new Thunderbolt will be able to guarantee up to 80 Gbps of bandwidth in both directions with an improvement equal to approximately double compared to the previous generation. For the management of more complex video streams, such as a very high resolution external monitor, will be available a bandwidth of 120 Gbps.

The new generation of Thunderbolt, Inte confirms, will be compatible with all specifications USB 4 and with Display Port 2.1. Tr the first companies to use the new generation of Thunderbolt should be Apple which could take advantage of the new link to offer even better performance to its users. With a bandwidth of 120 Gbps, in fact, it will be possible to support two external 8K monitors at 60 Hz.

The appointment with the new generation of Thunderbolt is set for next year.