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Intel at Fuorisalone 2023: an exhibition dedicated to women designers and video game developers

From 17 to 23 April, Intel will open an exhibition dedicated to the work of women designers and videogame developers who have marked the history of the sector to the public in Milan. There will also be workshops and interviews with game design experts, industry professionals, pro-players and content creators. On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2023the week dedicated to design that from 17 to 23 April will spread throughout the city of Milan with the Fuorisalone, Intel presents “Design in Videogames”.

Intel at Fuorisalone 2023 to talk about video games

The event will shine the spotlight on the design of video games and gaming experience through a show – curated by VGP – dedicated to women in the history of video games, gaming experiences, workshops, interviews with content creators and many guests from the sector. It will be open to the public at Spazio Filippetti, in viale Angelo Filippetti, 41, in the Porta Romana district, for the entire duration of the Fuorisalone, with free admission from 10.00 to 20.00.

Alongside the exhibition of the works, viewers will be able to play to video games that cover a span of forty years of history, with innovative mini PCs and the latest laptops designed for gamers and creators, arriving at the most recent virtual reality experiences, also thanks to the participation of an Italian excellence such as AnotheReality, which will give everyone the chance to test their skills on a virtual tennis court.

There will be training and in-depth moments, lessons and workshops of game design with industry experts and in collaboration with Digital Bros Game Academy (DBGA), a training academy for video game developers, and talks dedicated to the world of video games and the female perspective with industry professionals and content creators.

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Why an exhibition on video games at Design Week?

People’s lives increasingly take place in spaces that combine the physical to the digital dimensionand if there is a digital medium that is explored, inhabited, lived, and has the ability to condition the imagination of millions of people with its virtual worlds, this is undoubtedly the videogame.

That is why, in celebrating the week of Fuorisalonewhose theme this year is “Future Laboratory” or how we imagine our future in relation to the uniqueness of the times we live in, Intel has decided to focus on the design of virtual worlds, the inclusiveness of the sector, the importance of gender equality, culture, education and training for the next advances in gaming.

Information on the event in a nutshell

When the event will be held: 17-23 April 2023, h. 10am-8pm. Dove: Spazio Filippetti, Viale Filippetti 41, Milan (MM3 Porta Romana).

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