Intel, billionaire investments in Europe (also in Italy)

Intel svela il suo futuro all

Intel has announced the first phase of investments that will lead to Europe 80 billion euros over the next ten years. The investment will be on the entire semiconductor supply chain: from research and development to production and packaging. This first investment starts with 33 billion euros, half of which will go to Germany for the development of a state-of-the-art mega-manufacturing facility. But Intel’s investments also come in Italy: 4.5 billion euros, for 1,500 direct jobs and 3,500 between suppliers and partners.

Intel starts the first phase of investments in Italy and Europe

Intel’s project is mammoth. The US chip maker is changing its entire corporate assets. In recent months we have talked about the huge investments to build factories of chip in the United Statesas well as the acquisition of the Israeli company Tower Semiconductor (ready to open a branch also in Italy in 2022).

But now the first phase of the big investment begins 80 billion euros in the European Union, who wants to carve out a place in the chip manufacturing market. THE first 33 billion they concern different phases of the semiconductor supply chain. First i 17 billion euros for the construction of a state-of-the-art mega-plant in Germany for the production. Then the creation of a hub R&D (research and development) and design in France. And then other investments for production, foundry, research and back-end services in Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, said: “The investments we have planned are a major step for both Intel and Europe. The EU Chips Act will enable private companies and governments to work together to significantly advance Europe’s position in the semiconductor sector. This large initiative will enhance European research and development and bring cutting-edge chip manufacturing to the continent, for the benefit of customers and partners around the world. We are committed to making a decisive contribution to the development of Europe’s digital future in the years to come ”.

Chip Made in Europe

The EU program and the partnership with Intel want to lead to the direct manufacturing of chips on our continent. If, in fact, from a software and managerial point of view, the EU countries offer many important resources, we don’t make the chips. Which in the connected future we are moving towards are nothing short of fundamental.

For this in the first phase will build two semiconductor ‘fabs’ a Magdeburg, capital of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Planning begins immediately, to begin construction by 2023. The goal is that the production starts as early as 2027, pending approval by the European Commission. They will produce chips based on Intel transistors, meeting the demands of European and global customers. So the foundry will not only work for Intel but for many other customers.

The plant will employ 7,000 people under constructionpothe 3,000 permanent positions directly from Intel. And tens of thousands of jobs between suppliers and partners. The new site will be called Silicon Junction is to serve as the focal point of Intel’s investments in Europe.

In Ireland Intel will expand Leixlip, doubling production facilities for others 12 billion euros. In total, the Irish investment will be worth thirty billion.

In France instead the investment in the surroundings of Plateau de Saclay for R&D vand it will create a thousand jobs, 450 already by 2024. In particular, France will become the place to work on supercomputing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). Also important is the center of French design.

A Gdanskin PolandIntel is increasing the space of the own laboratories by 50%focusing on the development of solutions in the field of neural networks for deep learning, audio, graphics, data centers and cloud computing.

intel vpro

Intel investments in Italy

And our country? Our government is still negotiating with Intel to build a state-of-the-art facility for the back-end of the chip manufacturing process. The potential investment is 4.5 billion euros. With the ability to create up to approx 1,500 jobs at Intel and another 3,500 jobs between suppliers and partners.

This investment is in addition to the one arrived with the acquisition of Tower Semiconductor, which has a significant partnership with STMicroelectronics, with a fab located in Agrate Brianza (MB).

Intel has been working in Europe for 30 years, employing currently 10 thousand people in the European Union. In the past two years, the company has invested 10 billion on the continent, a figure that could double by 2026. By 2030 the company wants to significantly increase its presence in Europe and Italy, also respecting the production objective at 100% with renewable energy. And it has already taken the first steps in this direction.