Intel confirms that the chip crisis will continue for a long time to come

Intel conferma che la crisi dei chip continuerà ancora per molto tempo thumbnail

The chip crisis will continue throughout 2022 to 2023. Confirmation comes directly from Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, who had his say on the current market situation and on the possibility of getting out of the emergency as early as next year. According to Intel’s chief executive, the chip crisis is destined to go on and continue for a long time to come. The whole of 2022 will be characterized by new problems with semiconductor supplies and 2023 will also experience problems of this type.

The chip crisis will continue: Intel says so

The point of view of Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is clear. The chip crisis is still far from complete resolution. It will take time to achieve a balance between supply and demand e the whole of 2022 will continue to be characterized by various supply problems. According to Gelsinger, however, we are currently at the worst time for the industry. The situation may gradually improve over the near future. In essence, the chip crisis will not go away all of a sudden in 2022 but it could gradually fade away.

A shared point of view

It’s not just Intel that believes it will take time to resolve the chip crisis. Also NVIDIA, as confirmed by CEO Jensen Huang, said it will take some time to reach a solution. Note that also Samsung e AMD, with CEO Lisa Su, reiterated that stock problems are expected for 2022. It will be necessary to wait for the next few months to understand how the situation will evolve.