Intel Core HX: 12 Gen workstation architecture presented

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12th Generation Intel Core HX processors introduced. According to the leader, the best portable workstation platform in the world

The US giant Intel has announced the Core HX family, dedicated to the most demanding workstation platforms in the world.

During the event Intel Vision 2022 in fact, Intel announced seven new processors from the Intel Core family for the section 12th generation mobile workstation. In a portable format, they employ desktop-class technology to deliver high performance in professional workflows such as CAD, animation and visual effects. The HX processors they come standard in unlocked mode for overclocking and available in models Core i5, Core i7 e Core i9. Before getting to the heart of the article, we leave you with the significant comment of Chris Walker, Intel corporate vice president e general manager, Mobility Client Platforms;

With the new core architecture and the higher power of 12th Gen Intel Core HX processors, we enable content creators to handle more complex jobs with unprecedented effectiveness – for example perform 3D render in the background while continuing to operate on other 3D elements in the scene. No more waiting for the most intensive workloads to finish. Gamers and content creators will also have access to high-bandwidth platform technologies such as PCIe Gen 5 with RAID support and ECC memory support to ensure system data integrity and reliability.

Intel Core HX: 12 Gen workstation architecture presented

Intel Core HX: 12 Gen workstation architecture presented

The HX processors will be very particular, not surprisingly for Intel it represents an important moment of placement on the market. L’the goal is to secure a strategic position in the server sector that has been very hard fought over the years in terms of leading position. The 12th Generation Intel Core HX processor family offers strategic technical specifications to target targeted customers. At the moment there are already more than 10 workstations and gaming devices based on 12th generation Intel Core HX processors and are adopted this year by major OEMs, including systems from Dell, HP, Lenovo and others.

the new CPUs offer up to 16 cores (8 Performance-core e 8 Efficient-core) e 24 thread operating with a power of 55W processor base. Access to 16 PCIe Gen 5.0 through the processor e 4×4 PCIe Gen 4.0 from a dedicated platform controller hub (PCH) for higher bandwidth and faster data transfers. A series of unlocked and overclockable laptop processors, available for the first time and full support up to 128GB of DDR5 / LPDDR5 memory (up to 4800MHz / 5200MHz) and DDR4 (up to 3200MHz / LPDDR4 4267MHz) with Error Correcting Code (ECC) capability. Protocols are inevitable Intel Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig +) 2 for greater connectivity and access to the new spectrum 6 GHz.

Intel Core HX: 12 Gen workstation architecture presented

According to Intel engineers, i professionals and content creators need more computing power and platform bandwidth to work on content faster. This allows companies and production centers to keep up with deadlines and meet budgets in a work environment characterized by particularly fast flows. 12th Generation Intel Core HX processors equip the best mobile workstation platforms providing 65% higher performance on multi-threaded workloads thanks to more cores, more memory and more I / O. They also use Intel Thread Director technology to get the most out of the performance-cores and Efficient-core and ensure maximum efficiency in content creation, programming and rendering in both office and mobile work. In addition to being particularly suitable for professional use devices, the 12th Generation Intel Core HX processors offer a high-performance gaming platform to support the frame rates of the most popular games. Intel’s commitment in the future will be to propose updated versions based on this architecture.

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