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Intel Core i5-13400: 30% faster than the previous Gen!

It’s almost time to see the new Intel Core i5-13400 on the shelves, which apparently will be much more powerful than the previous Core i5-12400

The much loved one approaches i5 of users, one CPU which has always made the value for money its strong point, despite the increases in recent years, for its ability to guarantee performance and a Ideal TDP. The future Intel Core i5-13400 appeared on the net and was published thanks to a benchmarks, apparently the power achieved distances it a lot from the previous one, and this can be attributed to the modification made at the structural level, i.e. the new 4 E-Core, making it ideal for a use of multimedia such as Editing and Gaming.

Intel Core i5-13400: 30% faster than the previous Gen!

Intel Core i5-13400: 30% faster than the previous Gen!

The arrival of the future CPU should come shortly after the announcement at CES 2023 in Las Vegas of early January, the same event we remember will be presented on long-awaited i3, from 65W. Apparently, from the source from which we learned the news, it seems that the CPU protagonist of today’s news is already present and in circulation on Asian soil, the Chipset 700 as we well know, but several manufacturers are working to make future CPUs compatible on current 600 series chipsets.

We now report some representative slides that have been circulated on the net in recent days. We specify that the Core i5-13400 has been tested on a motherboard ASRock B660M PG Riptidewith memoirs DDR4-3600and was compared with the above i5-12400 (Alder Lake).

Intel Core i5-13400: 30% faster than the previous Gen! Intel Core i5-13400: 30% faster than the previous Gen!

We’ll see when it arrives on the market, if the current performance will actually be confirmed or even exceeded, there is still a lot to do and it is not excluded that the overclocking side will also be improved, compared to the previous Gen. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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