Intel could cut thousands of jobs

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Hard times for Intel which, due to the drastic reduction in PC sales recorded in recent months, could soon cut thousands of jobs. The report comes from Bloomberg and, at the moment, has not yet been confirmed by the company. Here are the details about the report:

Will Intel Cut Thousands of Jobs Over the PC Crisis?

As reported by BloombergIntel would be considering one drastic reduction of jobs within the company. The cut could be announced next October 27th on the occasion of the publication of the results for the third quarter of 2022.

The company is dealing with the PC market decline which is directly reflected on financial results, such as turnover and profits. Currently, Intel has 113,000 employees (the figure is updated to last July).

The upcoming cut could involve several divisions of the company that they will register reductions of up to 20% of the workforce. In 2016, we recall, Intel announced a cut of 12,000 jobs, equal to about 11% of the workforce at the time.

More details will arrive, of course, in the coming weeks. Certainly, in recent months, Intel has begun to take countermeasures regarding the fight against the crisis in the PC sector. Among these countermeasures, most likely, there will also be room for job cuts. We will know more shortly.