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Intel could open new factories in Italy

Intel could open new factories in Italy thumbnail

Italy is confirmed to be among the European countries trying to attract Intel to the territory. As the chipmaker prepares for expansion into the Old Continent, the Bel Paese would set up a $ 4.6 billion fund to convince him to set up production centers within its borders. At the moment France, Germany and Italy would be the potential locations for the new Intel factories. But let’s find out what the company’s plans are. In addition to those of the European Union.

Intel ready to open new factories in Italy?

The chip crisis seems to have influenced the decisions of the European Union, which now seems intent on securing its own semiconductor manufacturing industry. A strategy shared with Intel, which wants to open at least two state-of-the-art factories in the Old Continent. In this regard, in fact, the company stated that it could invest up to 80 billion dollars for the opening of new factories in the area. In this project, Italy it could prove to be a good choice for opening a new plant, as it already houses the headquarters of Tower Semiconductor, a company acquired by Intel.

On the other hand, by expanding its operations in Europe and the United States – where it has invested $ 20 billion to build a factory in Ohio – Intel is trying to reduce its dependence on Asian countries. In fact, in recent decades, semiconductor production has shifted from America and Europe to Asia. At the moment, 80% of the chips in the world are produced here. The company’s goal is to reverse this dominance. The CEO Patrick P. Gelsinger announced that, by the end of the decade, 30% of the chips will be manufactured in the United States (up from 12% today). And 20% in Europe (compared to 9%). Will Italy help implement this plan? We will find out.

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