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Intel could raise prices: price increases by up to 20%

Intelover the next few months, it could modify the price list of its products with significant increases for the cost of CPUs and other chips made by the company. The increase could reach the +20% and could have significant impacts on all products that leverage Intel components. There are several factors behind the increases. Here are the details:

Will Intel raise prices for CPUs and other products? Yes, according to a report

According to a Nikkei Asia report from these hours, Intel could raise its product prices by up to 20%. The increase is linked to various factors, starting frominflation and up to the difficulty in recovering raw materials necessary for production. The chip crisis, therefore, is one of the parameters to be taken into account for these potential price hikes.

For the moment, Intel did not comment on the indiscretion. According to the report, the company could raise the prices of processors, both for desktops and notebooks and all other supported devices. There would also be increases coming for chips made by the company such as, for example, Wi-Fi cards. The upward trend, therefore, would not affect just one sector of the company’s business.

Intel’s first price hikes could come during the next month of October. More details could arrive in the coming weeks.

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