Intel extends its leadership in 5G with new products

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Intel Announces Tons of 5G-Based Innovations and More, Including New Scalable Processors, Dedicated Software, and More

For more than ten years, Intel, the US multinational, and its partners have been working on virtualization of networks a global level, from the core to radio access networks (RANs) to the edge, in a transition from fixed-function hardware to programmable software-defined platforms, making rarely more nimble e reducing both complexity and cost.

Company statements

Sachin Kattisenior vice president of Intel and general manager of Network and Edge Group, thus commented on the release of the new products.

Intel powers the cloud, networks and businesses around the world, providing a single view of where to put computing and acceleration across the cloud-to-edge continuum, and helping our customers scale their systems to meet the needs of end users. The enhancements we’ve made to our 4th Generation Intel Xeon platforms to double vRAN performance while staying within the same power envelope, nearly double the range of the core 5G UPF, and accelerate deployment of a wide range of network services, security, and enterprise edge services, makes Intel the ideal platform for customers looking to modernize and capitalize on their future networks today.

Intel extends its leadership in 5G with new products

vRan and more: Intel 5G

The need to have ad systems high performance, scalable, flexible and energy efficient is driving the transformation of mobile networks from fixed function, silicon and hardware-based infrastructure to software-based and fully virtualized platforms on general purpose processors. One ever faster virtualization from the RAN allows suppliers to services communication technology (CoSP) to meet future requirements, while improving its energy efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

With extensive support from companies such as Advantech, Capgemini, Canonical, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mavenir, Quanta Cloud Technology, Rakuten Mobile, Red Hat, SuperMicro, Telefonica, Verizon, VMware, Vodafone and Wind River, among others, Intel presented i fourth generation Xeon processors con Intel vRAN Boost.

Software-based Intel 5G networks

At the core of the network, Intel is leading the evolution towards cloud-native, service-based architectures with open solutions to improve performance, TCO, energy efficiency, security, and lack of visibility into the network stack. The hardware solutions e software Of Intel they will allow reti core 5G to work with greater effectiveness and efficiency to achieve a balance between business and customer needs for energy efficiency, performance and latency.

To further assist operators in modernizing their networks, reducing their cost total Of property (TCO) of 5G core, 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors achieved 1 Tbps performance for User Plane Function (UPF) for the first time 5G within a single server with two sockets⁴, which was further verified by Samsung.

Intel sets the pace at the edge

The massive growth at the edge of the network, linked largely to the sector of video services, will define much of this decade’s competitive landscape for i providers Of services. Operators’ edge structures give them a competitive edge in this scenario Of growth, but it is difficult to predict which specific video services will be the most successful.

Intel extends its leadership in 5G with new products

Video services, such as CDN (content delivery network), cloud gaming, mixed reality and rendering 3D can be delivered in a single cloud-native environment backed by application accelerators CPU e GPU. Operators will no longer have to invest in dedicated resources for services that may never leave, but they can start with a generic architecture and leverage the scalability of the cloud native to edit or resize i services in function how their needs change.

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