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Intel NetSec Accelerator: A demonstration at RSA 2022

The RSA 2022 cyber security conference was recently held, in which Intel showed the Intel NetSec Accelerator technology

The new branded technology Intelfrom the name Intel NetSec Acceleratorwas shown in San Francisco during the conference RSA 2022. At the event, leaders from Intel and its ecosystem partners gathered to discuss how the company is addressing some of the toughest security challenges. Among many, there is the use of both human and artificial manpower and the increase of connected devices. The approach of Intel stands still, investing in people, processes and products unprecedented to provide security without sacrificing performance.

Intel’s commitment

The goal of Intel is to stay one step ahead driving innovation in products and research in the field of cyber security. The focus is on helping build strong security communities both internally and externally. The company’s commitment to security shows itself starting from every component of the system, from software to silicon, from the network to the edge, doing its part to protect data. Cyber ​​security is a team effort and addressing the challenges it poses requires the entire ecosystem to come together.

Intel NetSec Accelerator

New design techniques enable rapid implementation of network security workloads. With the recently announced reference design, Intel NetSec Acceleratorthe company is committed to edge and cloud network securityoffering an enhanced approach to security integration, enabling improved network processing performance while reducing the overall infrastructure footprint for secure network solution providers.

Optimized PCIe cards

PCIe add-in cards are equipped with acceleration Intel QuickAssist Technology (Intel QAT). This technology provides full Intel server-based functionality, including edge network management. Optimized cards are ideal for workloads IPsec, SSL / TLS, firewall, SASE and analytics. The solutions can be integrated into networking products, further maximizing the capabilities of the server infrastructure at the edge. Intel’s partners are currently developing products based on the project Intel NetSec Accelerator. This allows system vendors, solution integrators, and end customers the ability to consolidate multiple network and security workloads without increasing the use of rack space. Silicom e F5 will be among the first to use theIntel NetSec Accelerator to offer integration and acceleration of network and security functions for rapid scalability and time-to-market.

Intel NetSec Accelerator: A demonstration at RSA 2022

Project Circuit Breaker

After the introduction of the Project Circuit Breaker this year, Intel recently completed its first two pilot events, “Camping with Tigers” e “SGX-Guarden Party”. The events are part of the open program of Bug Bountyin which Intel brings together elite hacker communities to detect bugs in firmware, hypervisors, GPUs, chipsets and other hardware. Project Circuit Breaker is part of the efforts of Intel to meet security researchers and create more meaningful engagement. Intel is committed to creating exciting new hacking challenges and opportunities to explore new and pre-release products in detail. These events are also useful for building new collaborations between Intel security researchers and engineers.

New challenges on the way

More training courses and hacking challenges are on the horizon this summer, starting with “Alders and Seekers”where participants will test the kit Intel NUC, which includes a desktop processor 12th Generation Intel Core. The other organized event is “Trusted Crossings”, in which a new Intel technology, not yet well defined, will be tested. For researchers interested in participating in these upcoming events, you can apply on the official page of the Project Circuit Breaker.

And what do you think of this new technology? Would you like to participate in the events organized by Intel? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to to stay up to date.

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