Intel unveils many new features at CES 2022

Intel svela tante novità in occasione del CES 2022 thumbnail

On the occasion of the virtual conference organized on the sidelines of the opening of CES 2022, Intel has announced several news for its future. In particular, the latest advances from Mobileye were unveiled, the latest news regarding dedicated graphics and the launch of the new components of the 12th generation Intel Core family was announced.

Intel news unveiled at CES 2022

Let’s start from Mobileye. Intel’s division has announced a new SoC designed for self-driving vehicles and based on EyeQ technology to ensure top performance for this particular type of vehicle. Also noteworthy is the announcement of a partnership with Volkswagen, which will use Mobileye’s advanced mapping technology in the advanced driver assistance functions of Volkswagen, Škoda and Seat cars. The company will also collaborate in the future with Ford, for new driver assistance solutions via the Ford BlueCruise platform, and with Geely’s Zeekr brand, for the creation of a level 4 self-driving vehicle.

Intel also announced the debut of the new 12th generation Intel Core family for laptops including the H series and the top of the range i9-12900HK. These solutions are based on the Intel 7 manufacturing process with the first hybrid design developed by Intel. Also noteworthy is the announcement relating to the start of deliveries to OME customers of dedicated graphics solutions Intel Arc. For users there will be the opportunity to take advantage of advanced features such as hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing and AI Xe Super Sampling-based upscaling technology.

The company comment

Gregory Bryant, executive vice president e general manager di Intel, declares: “Intel’s engine of doing is back in full swing. From PC advancement to high performance graphics to autonomous driving solutions, Intel and Mobileye are proud to have created new ecosystems and opportunities across industries. Together with our partners and customers, we lead the innovation of products, platforms and services, demonstrating our vision of technological change with the aim of improving the life of every person on the planet “.