Intel Vision 2022: here is a summary of the news revealed

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Intel Vision 2022 it was an opportunity for Intel to show the new Cloud to Edge technologies with which the company aims to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. The event represented a very important step for the company that announced many innovations for silicon, software and services. Here are all the details:

Intel Vision 2022: the company looks to the future

Among the innovations anticipated by the company on the occasion of Intel Vision 2022 there is the processor AI Havana Gaudi 2. This is a solution used to educate higher-end AI algorithms. Also note that Intel has made the initial SKUs available for the 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, anticipating the arrival of many SKUs over the course of the year. The company also anticipated the details of Project Apollo, started in partnership with Accenture. It is a program that aims to provide companies with dozens of kits of open source artificial intelligence solutions. These kits are designed to make AI more accessible in on-premise, cloud and edge environments. Note also the presentation of the roadmap for IPUs until 2026.

There are also the new HX Cores for hybrid work

One of the big news of Intel Vision 2022 was the new processors 12th Generation Intel Core HX. These are mobile workstation processors that support up to 16 cores and are capable of going up to a clock rate of 5 GHz. The new range of Intel processors aims to become the benchmark for the workstation and computer industry. hybrid work.

Full details on Intel Vision 2022 are available on the official site.

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