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Intel: why this delay in the construction of Fabs?

Considerable delay for Intel, as regards the construction of the two Fabs in Germany, speculation is already on the main reasons

The site reports it tedesco popular voiceaccording to the words uttered by a spokesman Intel, apparently there are major delays in the construction of two Fab factories which had to be built right in Germany. The Fab factories, which we had extensively told you about in our previous articles, were to become among the main production factories in Europe, but apparently, according to the latest rumors it will not leave before mid-2023.

Intel: why this delay in the construction of Fabs?

The first speculations are based on production costs (energy in particular) and raw materials, which would have led Intel to slightly revise the subsidies issue. Let’s see all the details in the complete article.

Intel: why this delay in the construction of Fabs in Germany?

It therefore seems that the construction works of the two Fabs, in the Magdeburg area in Germany, will not start before 2023, it will take the first half of the year just mentioned, it really seems that the conditions of the economic fabric have influenced the fund management, especially the increase in our energy and supply of materials. Incredible, if we think that the funds initially allocated have been good 17 billion eurosand, later increased to 20 billion. However, Intel seems to have requested much more subsidies from Germany than agreed.

Intel: why this delay in the construction of Fabs?

So for now the new Fabs of Magdeburg will not see the light, which were supposed to be the main factories to produce chips based on Angstrom manufacturing processes (Intel 20A and 18A). Not only for Intel, but under commissions for other manufacturers as well. The new factories will give work to many families, it is estimated, reporting the words of Silicon Junction, 7,000 plant construction jobs, 3,000 highly skilled permanent jobs at Intelbetween suppliers and partners. We leave you with the words of Benjamin Barteder, Intel spokesman;

Geopolitical challenges have grown and the demand for semiconductors has declined. This means that we cannot yet provide a definitive date for the start of construction. The gap emerged on the basis of this situation. We are working with government partners to move the project forward

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