Intel’s new products for higher performance in AI, networking and high performance computing

I nuovi prodotti di Intel per prestazioni più elevate in AI, networking e high performance computing thumbnail

Intel has made a very important launch with the presentation of new products 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable (codename Sapphire Rapids), delle CPU Intel Xeon Max Series (codenamed Sapphire Rapids HBM) and delle GPU Intel Data Center Max Series (codename Ponte Vecchio). Here are the details.

What are the new Intel products

The new Intel products determine an important leap in quality in terms of performance, efficiency and safety in the data center environment and offer new capabilities for AI, cloud computing, networking and the edge, and for the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Fourth Generation Xeons enable Intel to deliver differentiated systems and solutions at scale to tackle the toughest computing challenges.

Unlike other data center processors already on the market, the fourth generation Xeon family extends Intel’s strategy based on a approach that starts from the workload.

The best performance of Intel products

Today, in the market there are over 100 million Xeons installed on corporate servers running IT services, including new as-a-service business models. These are networking devices that handle internet traffic, wireless base stations for edge computing, and cloud services.

Building on decades of experience in data centers and networking, and a leadership position in intelligent innovation at the edge, the new 4th Generation Xeon processors feature more built-in accelerators than any other CPU available today in the world by delivering high performance and enabling users to meet their needs in terms of AI, analytics, networking, sicurezza, storage e HPC.

The importance of sustainability

The large number of accelerators integrated into the fourth generation Xeons allows for save energy across the platform, reducing the need for additional discrete accelerators and thereby helping to meet sustainability goals.

Important to mention that the new modalità Optimized Power Delivers power savings of up to 20% at outlet with less than 5% performance impact on select workloads.

The use of artificial intelligence

The new processors enable new levels of performance on many AI inference and education workloads. There CPU Xeon Max Series starts with a natural language processing capability to improve its performance up to 20x when applied to large language models.

With Intel’s AI software suite, developers can use the tools of their choice to increase productivity and speed development time for AI applications.

Safety first

Underlying it all is the safety. With Xeon Gen 4, Intel offers the most comprehensive portfolio of confidential computing among all data center silicon vendors, enhancing data security, regulatory compliance, and data sovereignty. Intel is the sole supplier of silicon to offer application isolation for data centers with Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX), which provides the smallest attack surface available today for confidential computing in public, private and cloud-to-edge environments.

Plus, new virtual machine isolation technology Intel Trust Domain Extensions (Intel TDX) is ideal for bringing existing applications into confidential environments and will debut with Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.