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Interesting news for the Galaxy S22 camera is coming

Owners of the series Galaxy S22, we have news for you. Apparently Samsung is preparing a update that will improve the camera of the latest Galaxy S series smartphones, adding interesting features. Let’s see what it is specifically.

Galaxy S22: The camera gets new features with Samsung’s update

Samsung is launching a new update to optimize the Galaxy S22 camera, adding new features for its users. Among these, for example, the possibility of acquiring video hyperlapse using the 3x telephoto lens. And as if that weren’t enough, Samsung has stated that it is currently developing one “Astro Hyperlapse” modewhich will allow to realize time-lapse of the night sky even more creative. This, however, will not be a feature available with the new update, but it will undoubtedly become one shortly.

Galaxy S22 camera

Beyond that, among the options Samsung will improve with its update is it integrated QR scanner to the Galaxy S22 camera. After updating the smartphone, in fact, you will notice that the scanning area is larger and the process of reading the code faster. Additionally, Samsung has been working to fix an issue where the smartphone does not automatically scan the code when it detects that the object in front of the camera is a document. Beyond this, if you have closed the scan result you will be able to perform a new scan manually just by touching the smartphone screen.

Among other things that the update improves in the S22 series are also the AI engine and thememory usage in Photo, Night and Video modes. And the performance HDR, color quality in Photo mode, video stabilization and image quality when recording videos. An important upgrade, even if Samsung had already worked in this direction in June. A few months ago it improved the natural sharpness and contrast of the wide-angle cameras of the Galaxy S22 series smartphones. And the night mode has improved colors and exposure. Despite this, Samsung said it will soon improve camera performance even in low light conditions.

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