International Podcast Day: devolo celebrates today’s alternative to radio

International Podcast Day: devolo celebra l'alternativa di oggi alla radio thumbnail

This week took place theInternational Podcast Day e devolo, leading brand for home connectivity solutions, dedicated a long study to this new means of communication. Podcasts, in fact, in recent years have seen a significant growth in their diffusion, establishing themselves as a reference means of communication for many users.

International Podcast Day: a new means of communication is celebrated

He copodcast concept born in 2000 when RSS feeds have acquired the ability to deliver multimedia content. Today s podcastsare available on all major technological devices, allowing “on demand” listening, even on the move.

International Podcast Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the great variety of this means of communication. It is one extremely simple tool, both for producers and consumers. Publishing or listening to a podcast is really simple and it does not require special technical skills. In addition, there is one available to users great breadth of topics.

For every taste and for every topic you can find a podcast. Note that podcasts are available on many devices and they come distributed across different platforms. From Spotify to iTunes, there is no shortage of options to find a new podcast.

The devolo listening solutions

In occasione dell’International Podcast Day, devolo stresses the importance of having to exploit one good Wi-Fi network to listen to podcasts satisfactorily. The specialist company recommends devolo Magic to ensure a functioning and stable Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the mesh functionality, devolo adapters allow you to extend your home Wi-Fi in a truly comprehensive way.