Internet down, several sites unreachable

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Tuesday morning 21 June 2022 several sites are offline. The internet connection appears to be down for several services, a problem attributable to content delivery network Cloudflare. Which confirmed the problems via social networks and at 9.16 he announced that he had solved the problem with a fix.

Internet down, Cloudflare seems to have solved the problem

The announcement of the disservice comes directly from Cloudflare service provider, who recognized a problem earlier today. But at 9.16 ha tweeted that you have identified the issue and implemented a fix to address it.

Cloudflare is a Cdn, a service that allows you to distribute more quickly the content that is now essential for many online products. Cloudflare has several ‘Pop‘, points strategically located in its server networks to provide services close to users at a geographic level. Providing fast content (even for streaming).

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The spread of these services means that a technical problem on their networks is immediately critical. Last year it happened to Fastly, another major Cdn distributor. This time, however, it is Cloudflare’s turn, which however seems to have quickly resolved the issue.

The company did not agree with the nature of the problem. However, he spoke of it as one technical question, possibly due to an error during an update. Therefore, for the moment, the possibility of a cyber attack, which would be decidedly more critical, should be excluded.

In case there are any developments in this sense we will update you. But your favorite sites and services should be back online quickly.


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