Interview Luigi Caputo: ready for Espogame 2023!

Intervista a Luigi Caputo, co-fondatore dell’OIES

In this new interview, Luigi Caputo, CEO of Sport Digital House and Founder of the OIES, answered some of our questions about Espogame 2023!

Espogame 2023 is upon us and we of tuttotek will be present in Rimini and we’re going to document the whole event with insights and social content but, before going on site, we asked a few questions Louis CaputoCEO of Sport Digital House and Founder of the OIES, who gave us some very interesting ideas for this interview.

Let’s start the questions – Interview Luigi Caputo Espogame 2023

Let’s start with a question that aims to present Luigi, an old acquaintance of tuttotek, and the event to be held next week:

you know: Hi Luigi, this is not the first time you have answered our questions and allow us to underline how much we are pleased to have such an ongoing collaboration with you and with Sport Digital House and the OIES. Espogame 2023 is approaching, an event to be held in Rimini and which will be part of the great ENADA event: can you give us some general information? What can we expect and what will be the key themes?

Louis Caputo: EspoGame represents the third edition of the business event that we have been organizing for three years now as the Italian Esports Observatory and Sport Digital House at the Rimini Fair. For this edition we have moved from Esports Business Days to EspoGame because, in addition to the themes of Esports and gaming that will be the protagonists on the first day (March 15th), we will be dedicating a day (March 16th) to deepening the themes related to Web3: yes he will then talk about blockchain, NFT and the metaverse.

In addition to the speeches and panels where we will involve various national experts and listen to the case histories of various brands that have already invested in these sectors, such as Barilla, Dolce & Gabbana, Red Bull, and Telepass, there will also be all the networking activity where, thanks to our business matchmaking format, some participating companies will be able to hold one-to-one meetings with the corporates that will be present. The event is therefore dedicated to operators in the sector, but also to those professionals who want to learn more about these trends and establish relationships with the realities that operate in them.

Interview Luigi Caputo: ready for Espogame 2023!

Insight into the days – Interview Luigi Caputo Espogame 2023

Let’s go, now, to carry out an in-depth analysis of what the days will be like and how they will be articulated:

you know: The first day will be dedicated to gaming and its various forms. From the state of Esports in Italy, to the impact of gaming on the world of football, passing through the use of gaming by brands: in your opinion, what have been the greatest steps forward made in this sector and what else can be done?

Louis Caputo: Thanks to the work of the Italian Esports Observatory we have recorded the trend of the sector in the last three years. Undoubtedly, the pandemic and the resulting lockdown have made video games a much more well-known and widespread trend. The companies that have sensed this possibility have in fact invested in this channel for promotion and marketing activities. After a period of adjustment and discovery, then, the brands have learned to know the language and style of gaming and the phenomenon of Esports. In fact, we can say that the last two years have represented the moment of awareness and definitive consecration of gaming as a marketing lever and communication vector with the younger generation Z audience.

Video games are not a mere and solitary competition, but a powerful social phenomenon that involves connections, passions and new forms of communication. As demonstrated by the success of the projects and the numbers of content creators who dedicate themselves to gaming every day, this world is destined to be the new hub of brand marketing and campaigns. However, much remains to be done if we want to make gaming and Esports a core business for Italy as well: firstly, responding to the urgency of creating clear and up-to-date regulations and rules to organize competitions efficiently and safely.

Interview Luigi Caputo: ready for Espogame 2023!

Videogame culture – Interview Luigi Caputo Espogame 2023

How necessary is it to establish a videogame culture in Italy? In our opinion a lot and also according to Luigi:

you know: During EspoGame the photographic exhibition “Play The Game Over” by Jacopo Scarabelli will be staged, an exhibition that aims to promote the culture of gaming, to facilitate the abandonment of stereotypes that often see video games juxtaposed with negative examples: you in first person how do you experience this “battle” and what are the keys to press to ensure that a different vision of the videogame medium is definitively unlocked?

Louis Caputo: In these three years of Oies we have understood that there is a lack of a gaming culture in Italy. Since 2020 we have been witnessing a race for the gaming business by brands with initiatives aimed, in most cases, at sponsorships and very rarely aimed at involving true enthusiasts in this world. It is for this reason that we have recently officially launched a new project, the Unione Promotori Esports e Gaming (UPEG), which is the first network in Italy dedicated to gaming enthusiasts and which promotes the culture of video games starting territories.

The goal of the UPEG is to create a national network of promoters and activists, who can meet in Italian cities to organize debates, meetings with companies and experts, cultural initiatives, exhibitions, events and other types of activities devoted to the aggregation of community passionate about video games. In this sense, the “Play The Game Over” exhibition fits perfectly into the framework of the cultural initiatives related to gaming that we want to promote.

Interview Luigi Caputo: ready for Espogame 2023!

Many guests – Interview Luigi Caputo Espogame 2023

There will be many guests at this edition, let’s find out a few more details about it:

you know: In addition to you, several guests will be present, representatives of different and more categories, we think of personalities such as Stefano Sorrentino, Vincenzo Rana, Jacopo Fracassi and many others: associating prominent figures not only in this sector is a key to achieve that customs clearance that you are looking for so much?

Louis Caputo: EspoGame was created with the ambition of bringing together the top experts in the gaming and Web3 sector, but also of disseminating the most important testimonials from the brands that are successfully investing in this sector. In these two days, we will offer the public a complete and in-depth overview: experts from various fields, representatives of companies and multinationals, speakers with transversal skills will take turns on our stage.

In fact, we know that the future of the sector in Italy will depend on the willingness to believe in these challenges: for this reason we need to disseminate the culture and awareness of gaming and the web3 among as many companies as possible. Only in this way could we effectively exploit the potential of this world, unlocking the investments necessary to grow and develop the industry as a whole.

Interview Luigi Caputo: ready for Espogame 2023!

Thanks Luigi and… see you soon!

Our interview with Luigi Caputo ends here; there have been many food for thought and many more will come during Espogame 2023 which, we recall, will be held in Rimini, during the Enada event on 15 and 16 March. Let us know if any of you will participate and if you found this information interesting. Stay tuned to our pages for all the news and updates from the gaming world and beyond.

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