Inventec presents the new Mategress, the high intensity JBOD

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Inventec presented its new Mategress, the highest density JBOD in 2U housing

The server manufacturer Inventec (here for more information on the company) presents Mategress. This is the Higher density storage JBOD con 42 SATA drives in a 2U enclosure to meet industry needs while improving efficiency with reduced costs. With storage demand skyrocketing, data centers face space and performance challenges to deliver higher quality of service and reliability. Mategress solves both of these problems with its unique high density in a small frame, drastically reducing costs for storage centers.

Inventec Mategress Storage Server is a standard 2U high rack mount system, which supports 42 hot-swappable 3.5 Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drives with ease of maintenance. Offers higher maximum storage capacity than other similar products with full redundancy and flexible / expandable input with output (I / O) expandability.

Inventec presents the new Mategress, the high intensity JBOD

Technical characteristics of the new Inventec Mategress

The following are the main features of the new Mategress.

  • Size 447 mm;
  • 42 SATA drives (3.5 ″) in a 2U form factor: depth 925 mm, width 447 mm, height 86.8 mm;
  • Efficient management system offering monitoring capabilities and remotely accessible;
  • Easy maintenance with front serviceable hard drives and hot plug fans;
  • Wide range of application support;
  • Remote monitoring with high flexibility.

Thanks to its high density, Mategress offers different modes of use tailored to the customer’s needs. The price, the combination of performance and the flexibility of configuration are suitable for many applications that require a higher demand for high-performance storage.

The network interface controller (NIC) Mategress management is a 1G Base-T di AST2520 BMC. Inventec designed Mategress to meet the new post-pandemic normal of remote working. This allows data managers to remotely monitor the health of the system and control components remotely via the baseband management controller.

Strong redundancy and power reliability

Inventec Mategress is equipped with four 8056 fans hot-swappable dual rotor with N + 1 redundancy, as well as two 800 W with 1 + 1 redundancy. This allows to guarantee data managers a high level of reliability and operability. In addition, Mategress can work optimally between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. Server input / output (I / O) units include Mini SAS HD, SAS Cable LED, HDD Fail LED, RJ45 with LED (Management NIC). And again, RJ45 W/O LED (UART), Mini USB (I2C), UID Button and LED (with reset function), power button and LED, as well as a health LED.

Mategress represents the latest innovation from Inventec to meet the growing needs of our global customer base for increased storage capacity, high reliability and affordability in a single compact 2U42Bay,

he has declared George LinVP della Business Unit VI, Inventec Enterprise Business Group (Inventec EBG ).

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