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InWin presents the new Modfree PC case

InWin presents ModFree fully interchangeable and expandable PC case. It allows PC enthusiasts to freely transform their PC internally and externally to meet their precise needs

InWin is a leading company in the PC enthusiast and gaming hardware industry. He recently presented ModFree, the first completely modular case designed to offer flexibility and customization to PC fans. This innovative PC chassis allows users to make internal and external modifications based on their specific hardware and cooling needs and preferences. Available in two variantsBase Edition and Deluxe Edition, the ModFree includes various modules and case fans to optimize the user experience.

InWin presents the new Modfree PC case

Details on the new InWin ModFree modular case

The ModFree system is designed with a tool-less interlocking clip architecture that simplifies module swapping. Additionally, the inverted motherboard design approach allows the hardware to be exposed on the left side of the desk; thus eliminating space conflict with other items on the desk. This modular solution promotes sustainability by allowing users to easily upgrade without the need to build a new system from scratch.

To facilitate the user experience, ModFree offers a 3D interactive assembly guide with clear and detailed instructions on how to use the various modules. Furthermore, The system includes a fan hub to support up to eight ARGB fans and PWM headers, along with removable dust filters for easy cleaning. The unit also features a wide range of features, including condensed I/O with multiple connectivity options, maximizing user convenience.

High cooling capacity

Regarding cooling capabilities, ModFree supports up to seven case fans or two 420mm liquid cooling radiators; thus ensuring optimal cooling performance. Plus, it’s designed to accommodate large graphics cards, tall CPU coolers, and premium E-ATX motherboards; thus offering broad compatibility with a variety of hardware components.

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