INZONE H9 and H7 headset review: the best for the PlayStation 5

La recensione delle cuffie INZONE H9 e H7: il meglio per la nostra PlayStation 5 e non solo thumbnail

Perceive the footsteps of enemies, enjoy music or simply listen to ambient noises. Gamers are well aware of the importance of feeling the virtual world around them, whether it’s in a competitive title or a single-player game to get lost in after a long day. SONY knows all the needs of a gamer and has always offered the best devices to get the most out of that media we love so much. Specially for PlayStation 5 and PCthe company has released the INZONE H9, the wireless headphones with active noise cancellation and the INZONE H7 and this is their review.

Our review of the INZONE H9 and H7 headphones

We are facing two premium quality headphones developed by SONY’s IZONE gaming division to get the most out of the new generation of consoles and beyond. INZONE H9 supports noise canceling and 360 Spatial Sound technology to allow us to perceive even the subtlest sounds. The INZONE H7 give up noise cancellation without giving up excellent audio quality and latest generation technology, but let’s start in order.


Both models feature the same minimalist and elegant design which fully follows the style and colors (black and white) of the PlayStation 5. We are in the presence of two wireless headphones with microphone, from weight about 330 g which return an excellent feel to the touch thanks to the use of premium materials (plastic and fabric).

The broads over-ear pads offer stable performance and distribute weight evenly. On the left ear cup is the microphone that can be raised or lowered when you decide to use it. When raised, the microphone automatically enters “mute mode“. The left ear cup also houses the main controls, such as the volume selector, the noise canceling/ambient sound button and the Mute button. Here we also find the USB port with Type-C input for charging. In the right pavilion we find the power button, the bluetooth pairing button and two buttons that allow you to switch from “game” mode to “chat” mode.

Included in the package, in addition to the headphones, we find a USB-C charging cable (1.5 m) and a USB transmitter. The latter has on one side a practical Ps5 / PC physical switch to be changed depending on the device to which you will connect the headphones.


As anticipated, both models offer full support for 360 Spatial Sound technology specific for gaming. It is a real sound virtualization that converts multi-channel audio signals into spatial audio in order to give us audio quality as intended by the game developers and without being spoiled by the device. The 360 ​​Spatial Sound technology can be activated via the INZONE Hub PC software free to download and thanks toapp 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer per smartphone, you can optimize the spatial sound quality according to the shape of your ear. It is nothing short of an exceptional support aimed at giving you a truly personal audio experience.

SONY technology and the experience gained in the gaming world with INZONE, has led to one excellent development in terms of quality and audio performance. The Symmetrical acoustic structure optimizes audio quality and reproduces precise and authentic spatial audio. Furthermore, thanks to the shape of the diaphragm, the INZONE H9 and H7 headphones reproduce high and low frequency sounds smoothly and realistically, for an immersive gaming experience. The channels on the earcups of the INZONE H9 headphones optimize the reproduction of low frequencies, making the deepest sounds ultra-realistic, such as, for example, explosions.

The INZONE H9 model also supports Dual Noise Sensor technology. Thanks to special internal microphones, it is possible greatly reduce external noise thanks noise canceling so you don’t hear annoying buzzes like the computer fan or construction work and stay focused on the action.

Last but not least, we find the boom microphone designed to get as close as possible to the mouth but not too much. Being a bidirectional microphone, it is possible to be understood clearly even during the most frenetic actions, very important during team games.

Connectivity and autonomy

Both models are wireless and offer a 2.4GHz wireless connection with the included USB transmitter. A low-latency algorithm reduces the audio signal delay from the source to the headphone output so you can act quickly.

Of course the headphones they also support the connection via bluetooth which can be used at the same time as that with the transmitter. So you can answer your calls on your smartphone without interrupting the game…thanks SONY!

As for the batteryheadphones offer, on average, up to 32 hours of use on a single charge and thanks to fast charging supportyou can take advantage of well 60 minutes of use with just 10 minutes of charging. Obviously, but it is not so obvious with wireless headphones, it is possible to use the INZONE H9 and H7 even when they are charged.

INZONE H9 and H7 headphones, what are the main differences?

INZONE H9 headphones reviewOn the left, the INZONE H7 headphones. On the right, the INZONE H9 headphones

Before continuing with our review, let’s clarify the differences between the INZONE H7 and the INZONE H9.

  • aesthetic differences: the two models are practically identical except for the presence of two small holes in the external pavilions of the INZONE H9 where the microphones for noise cancellation are located
  • Noise cancellation: The INZONE H7 does not offer noise cancellation, the INZONE H9 does
  • Pavilions: the earpads of the INZONE H9 are made of leather, those of the INZONE h/ in smooth nylon
  • Prezzo: INZONE H9 headphones cost around €300, INZONE H7 headphones cost around €230

Our test of the INZONE H9 and H7 headphones

We had both models of SONY INZONE headphones tested for about 3 weeks during which they retired all the other headphones in the house.

There aren’t too many premises to make, we are facing the best model of wireless gaming headphones we have ever laid our ear on and the fact that they are designed to get the best out of PlayStation 5 makes them even more special. The versatility given by the switch on the USB receiver also makes them excellent on PCs so you have just one pair of headphones for all your needs.

In both models the audio quality is exceptional and the support of the SONY app and software to better manage spatial audio, make the audio experience absolutely personal. We’ve really used them for everything from listening to music, to TV series and of course gaming. The perception of the audio around us is excellent for competitive games, astounding for savoring every slightest musical and sound variation for more relaxed games. With these headphones we started and finished God of War Ragnarok… you can imagine!

As for the INZONE H9 the sound cancellation is really excellent. Not only did she manage to immerse us completely in the action but she also saved us from the torment of the construction works that have been brightening our days for months.

The review of the INZONE H9 and H7 headphones in a nutshell

The INZONE H9 and H7 headphones were the best-performing wireless gaming headsets we’ve ever laid ear to. In addition to a minimalist and elegant design, the technology inside them has lived up to expectations but above all the price. The difference between the two models is very small and unless you absolutely need the powerful noise cancellation offered by the INZONE H9, the INZONE H7 headphones may also be the model you are looking for.

And don’t worry if you are still waiting for an unobtainable PlayStation 5, the PC rendering of these INZONE is absolutely flawless. The headphones we’ve been waiting for!

The INZONE H7 headphones are available at a price of €230. While the INZONE H9 headphones cost around €300.

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