IOS 15.0.2 is coming

iOS 15: Apple annuncia novità, come il cambio di SIM in iMessage thumbnail

The rollout of iOS 15 they weren’t that big of a hit. The new operating system update was launched a few days after the release of the iPhone 13, and immediately revealed a series of bugs that managed to go unnoticed in the Beta test. An unfortunate surprise for Apple, which immediately tried to resolve the situation. Thus comes iOS 15.0.2, a further update designed to solve the problems of the previous version. Let’s see what it is.

iOS 15.0.2: everything we know about the update

After the “flop” of the operating system update, Apple immediately ran for cover to solve the problems accused by users. Thus comes iOS 15.0.2, available for everyone in the “Settings” section. Therefore, if you are no longer able to manage the operating system bugs, you can access the new update by clicking on “Settings”, “General”, “Software update”. This way, you can solve all (or almost all) problems related to iOS 15. Like the disappearance of images from your Gallery of messages, after you have deleted the associated message or thread.

iOS 15.0.2

And that’s not all. The new update also solves the problem caused by the MagSafe leather wallet when connecting to the “Where is” App. As well as the bug that prevents the display of AirTags in the “Find my devices” section. Furthermore, it seems that the new iOS 15.0.2 also fixes the bug that prevented CarPlay from opening audio apps. And, to top it off, the update would lead to the correction of an issue that causes the device to reset or the updates to fail. A bug, the latter, which appears especially on iPhone 13 models when accessing the Finder or iTunes.

For the moment, the update seems to affect only Apple’s smartphones, although the company may soon release iPadOS 15.0.2. In short, all the company’s devices could soon see the correction of the problems caused by the release of the past update. Good news, which we expected to receive.