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iOS 15.2, the second beta introduces interesting news for the iPhone

Apple released the second beta of iOS 15.2, which introduces many interesting new features for all users iPhone. Starting from Legacy Contacts, including changes to email management and much more. Here are all the news that developers can take advantage of with the new beta version of the operating system.

Apple releases the second beta of iOS 15.2

The first novelty concerns a novelty already announced in the past by Apple, which thus becomes available. It is about the Legacy Contacts, i.e. the ability to name a contact so that they can access the your Apple ID in the event of your untimely death. This person will be able to manage your photos, notes, files, events, apps and much more. However, he will not have access to the iCloud Keychain. You can activate the function in “Password and Security”.

In addition to this new feature, there are many improvements. For example, the ability to search for devices connected to “Where“Next to you. This way you can disable the ability for these to track your location to ensure an extra level of privacy. Alternatively, you can use “Help return the lost item “ to help you return a lost device.


Within the TV app, a submenu will appear for the “Store“, In order to distinguish the products to be purchased from those included in Apple TV +. Another small improvement is the ability to permanently activate the Dark Mode in Maps for CarPlay.

The “Hide my Email” option arrives: when you are composing an electronic message, in the “From” field you can select the option to generate a random email address. This option is available for those with an iCloud + account. Additionally, Apple introduces in this beta the ability to fathom messages for block nudity images in accounts linked to children (this function is different from the anti-pedophilia one which has been talked about a lot in recent months).

Finally, Apple disables the feature that disabled the iPhone 13’s FaceID when repairing the screen by an independent repairer.

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