iOS 15.4, battery issues for some iPhone users

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According to what some users complain iPhonethe new update iOS 15.4 would cause problems for battery life. The problem reported by some users comes a few days after the firmware launch, so it is still early to understand the extent. And it could be just one temporary situation.

iOS 15.4 may bring battery issues for some iPhones

37 new emojis, compatibility with PlayStation DualSense controllers, updates on the mobile network and above all the possibility to unlock the Face ID wearing the mask. The iOS 15.4 update brought several important changes to the Apple ecosystem. But according to some users, even new problems of autonomy.

“The battery on iOS 15.4 is really bad. After 24 hours I lost 80% of the charge, but the screen was only active for two hours and I only used Safari, YouTube, Instagram and Uber ”writes one user. Another complains that “my phone gets stuck between 95% and 97% charging and, when I unplug it, it shows 100% for like five minutes and then wears out quickly.”

At first it was thought it could be linked to the fact that Apple has enabled new applications to use the refresh rate da 120Hz, such as social media (Twitter, Instagram). But also some iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, without the display LTPOcomplain about the problem.

On the other hand, it seems more likely that after the installation of the new firmware the iPhones will have to reset the battery calibration. Consumption is different and it takes time for the operating system to adapt via artificial intelligence. But at the moment it is too early to understand if this is a temporary problem or if the Apple should work on a patch.

Complaints on Apple forums are always listened to, even if a direct answer doesn’t always come. We are confident that the engineers of Cupertino are monitoring the situation. We will do it too, and in case there is any news on these battery issues, we will keep you updated.

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