iOS 16.3 arrives next week, with news and bug fixes

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Apple will bring the new iOS 16.3 update on all iPhone next week, mostly to fix some bugs. An update lacking in new features, but which will improve the user experience and make Apple’s mobile operating system more secure.

Apple will release iOS 16.3 next week, with many bug fixes

The occasion for the announcement comes with a press release for the bands for Apple Watch: among the iinformation about the new strapsApple also announced the arrival of the new operating system update.

The new update will be needed for an all new iOS 16 wallpaper, lo Unity iPhone for your lock screen. Which will perfectly match the Unity 2023 watch face that will debut with watchOS 9.2.

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In fact, the new operating system for the iPhone should arrive together with iPadOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3 and presumably too tvOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2.

Compared to iOS 16.2, the new operating system brings few new features but many more bug fixes. Among the new features, there is support for Apple ID security keys and a new prompt forHomePod Handoff designed for the new smart speakers announced just today. Also, in the Settings the words of will change SOS emergency.

For the rest, bug fixes and user security solutions arrive, which solve some of the problems that several users have encountered in the past months.

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