iOS 16.4 update for iPhone improves call quality

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An important novelty arrives with the iOS 16.4 update expected for iPhone and is that of improve call quality thanks to a very useful option. Let’s see what it is.

Improve call quality thanks to the 16.4 update: introduced the Voice Isolation feature

Is called Vocal isolation the function introduced by the new 16.4 update expected for iPhones. The goal is to improve call quality, therefore canceling ambient noise on VoIP calls on platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp on devices with at least the iOS 15 update or later.

Blocking the background noise, the quality of calls will improve. Please note that this feature will not be applied to cellular calls until the iOS 16.4 update is installed. Voice Isolation for calls is coming to iOS 16.4 which could be released next week.

The Release Candidate version of iOS 16.4 and iPad OS 16.4

Apple has released the Release Candidate (RC) version of iOS 16.4 and iPad OS 16.4 to registered developers via OTA updates. In the changelog for updates, it reads as follows: “Voice isolation for cellular calls gives the priority to your voice and block out ambient noise around you.” This is similar to a feature called Clear Calling which improves cellular call quality on the Pixel 7 series.

How to turn on Voice Isolation on iPhone

To activate Voice Isolation on iPhone device is very simple. During a call, you can activate the function by opening the Control Center and selecting the Voice Isolation option. If you want to deactivate this function, you can return to Standard mode, always going to the Control Center.

Voice isolation will work best when making phone calls in noisy environment such as busy city street, airport, coffee shop and other places.

The other news of the iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 updates

The iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 updates also include the addition of 21 new emojis including animals, hand gestures and objects. Not only. Users will also receive notifications on their home screens related to web apps. With the update, the VoiceOver feature, used by those with visual impairments, provides an audible description of everything that appears on a user’s screen. And an accessibility setting will automatically dim video when your phone detects flashes of lights or strobes.

The update will bring bug fixes

One bug that users had encountered concerned the activation of Crash Detection from non-emergency impacts. The developers decided to remove this functionality.

Crash detection is triggered when sensors within a model of iPhone 14 series or a 2022 Apple Watch (series 8, Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE 2) detect a serious accident with a car, a pickup truck or SUV. If you don’t dismiss the alert within 10 seconds, your device will call 911 using an automated message that will include the location of the accident that occurred.

This feature made the sensors too sensitive and the decision to remove it was made following an event. During one weekend in December, the Summit County 911 Center in Colorado received 71 automated notifications in an area known for skiing. Skiers who had stopped quickly and fallen in the snow triggered the Crash Detection feature on their iPhone or Apple Watch, and none of the 71 crashes were caused by an actual emergency.

How to activate the update

When the update is ready to download and install, you can find it by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

With regard to iOS 17you should get a preview of the next iOS build during Apple’s WWDC developer conference, which is expected to kick off in early June.