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Nothing announces the Ear (2): how to follow the event online

If you’re a tech and audio enthusiast, you can’t miss the Nothing Ear announcement (2)the new true wireless earphones that will be presented in streaming on March 22, 2023 at 16. The founder will be present for the announcement, live on the company website and on YouTube Carl Pei and also the well-known American youtuber Marques Brownlee.

Nothing Ear (2), how to follow the announcement online

Nothing is the brand founded by Carl Peiformer co-founder of OnePlus, who has already conquered the public with his Ear (1), characterized by a transparent and innovative design. Design we found in Phone (1) e Ear (stick). What will the Ears have in store for us (2)?

The Nothing Ear (2) are the evolution of the Ear (1), which makes us think of the same transparent style that allows a glimpse of the internal components of the earphones and the charging case. But otherwise, we’d have to wait today’s announcement at 4pmwhich you can follow on or on YouTube directly from the box below.

The Nothing Ears (2) should have, like the first generation, silicone eartips and active noise cancellation (ANC). But the question everyone is asking is: will they be improved?

These earphones are in fact the company’s first second-generation product. Which so far has amazed us with important design choices, taking advantage of the charm of novelty. Instead the Ears (2) not only have to do well, but must do better than the Ear (1).

Attention is therefore high, because this product could demonstrate that Carl Pei’s company is no longer an outsider, but a tech company you can rely on. So tech fans just can’t miss this launch event. And keep following us: we will tell you all the details of this new and interesting product.

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