iOS 17 changes privacy settings, Apple investigates

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Some iPhone users after updating to iOS 17 found that the update changed their their privacy settings without their permission: Apple has confirmed that it is investigating the issue.

iOS 17 changes privacy settings, Apple investigates

Mysk, a pair of iOS developers specializing in cybersecurity, he revealed which, after updating to iOS 17, some people noticed that the related settings to significant positions and sending analysis data of the iPhone were activated automatically, without any warning or authorization.

Apple confirmed to 9to5Mac that it is aware of the situation. The company has stated that, in theory, these settings should not be changed when updating to iOS 17 and has launched an investigation to better understand what is happening. Apple also underlined its commitment to protecting user privacy.

The issues do not appear to affect most iPhone users who have updated to iOS 17. The vast majority of users have not reported any suspicious activity or changes in their privacy settings.

However, you can check whether or not you have enabled the options in your iPhone Settings under “Privacy and Security” -> “Location Services” -> “System Services”.

Apple has tried to reassure users by stating that the information relating to “significant locations” are encrypted end-to-end. This feature tracks the places frequented by the user and provides location data. To improve services such as directions, app recommendations and suggestions in the photo gallery.

Privacy is also an integral part of Apple’s communication, which focused several marketing campaigns on the topic. The company therefore highlighted the importance of investigating and resolving this issue.

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