iOS 17’s camera can explain laundry tags to us

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In iOS 17, the Camera app on iPhone has an interesting feature: it can recognize a wide range of symbols, including those that are found on clothes labels for laundry. As reported by Federico Vittici of MacStories, if you take a photo of the label containing the laundry symbols, the app will detect the presence of these symbols and will offer the possibility to translate them with a simple tap.

iOS 17, camera can explain laundry tags

Each symbol on the label will be explained by the iPhone itself, and if you tap on the explanation, you can get more information from the website that Apple has reviewed. Apple is obtaining laundry instructions from an online platform operated by theInternational Organization for Standardization.

The function Visual Lookup it seems to be able to recognize all the laundry symbols, such as washing temperatures, whitening recommendations, drying instructions, ironing temperatures, and much more.

And MacRumors

Visual Lookup can also detect car symbols on vehicle dashboards, another very convenient feature to simplify search operations.

Apart from these new features, the iOS 17 Photos app also delivers recognition of pets, the ability to crop photos with a touch, animated stickers created with Live Photos and much more. Here is a list of news announced by Apple for the new operating system.

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