iotty inaugurates the arrival of spring with a special promotion

iotty inaugura l’arrivo della primavera con una promozione speciale thumbnail

iotty celebrate the arrival of spring with a super promotion: -40% discount on the plates of the iotty Plus line.

The promotion of iotty

As we well know, the spring is synonymous with renewal, with the days getting longer and more beautiful. To make it easier to come out of winter hibernation, iotty has decided to launch a special promotion, bringing a breath of fresh air not only to the psycho-physical aspect, but also to the environments we live in every day.

In fact, it has been proven that making small changes at home helps improve mood: so why not convey this desire for change to make our home smarter with a connected device? For example, have you ever wanted to make your kitchen or bedroom smart?

And if you can do it without excessive costs, even better, don’t you think?

For this reason, iotty has decided to welcome the arrival of spring by reserving a special promotion. In fact, starting from Monday 13 March until Sunday 2 April 2023 the plates of the line can be purchased iotty PLUS with the 40% off both on the company’s official store and on Amazon (in this case the offer will end on Sunday 19 March 2023).

The smart iotty PLUS switches and sockets have the advantage of combining the all-Italian design and smart features. Made of tempered glass, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while the elegant backlighting gives an exclusive touch to the rooms, as well as being innovative from a technological point of view.

Furthermore, the rich list of fully customizable scenarios and automations and the sensors on the app allow you to program the switching on and off of the lights as you like, as well as the management of the fixtures based on your habits. All in a simple, intuitive way and without unnecessary waste of energy.

You have no more excuses: to make your home smarter, iotty has the solution for you.