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iPad Pro with OLED display in 2024, new confirmation

Apple continues the development of a model of iPad Pro con display OLED, which should arrive in 2024: a new confirmation arrives from Korea. In fact, it seems that Samsung is developing the display, which Apple would also bring to the MacBook Pro in 2026.

iPad Pro with OLED display will arrive in 2024, a new confirmation from Korea

Korean head ET News reports that Apple’s supplier and Samsung (although other sources cite LG as a supplier) have started work on panels OLED for an 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as on a 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Prothere. In line with previous rumors, the report says the first iPad with an OLED display will launch in 2024.

According to the newspaper, an internal voice at the supplier company would have said that “Various developments of panels from 10 inches to 16 inches are underway”.

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Rumors of an iPad Pro with an OLED display are multiplying. Even if there are differences regarding the details. For example, according to display analyst Ross Young, the first iPad Pro with OLED panels will have displays from 11.1 inch and 13 inch, slightly larger than current generation models.

Compared to traditional LCD panels, OLED displays require less energy due to their self-emitting pixels, which they do not require backlighting, extending battery life,. They also deliver deeper blacks and improve the contrast ratio.

Apple currently uses displays from partners, including Samsung and LG, but is reportedly trying to reduce its reliance on those vendors. In fact, Bloomberg recently explained that Apple will launch its own displays microLED su Apple Watch Ultra as early as next year, then moving to iPhone. But it probably won’t bring them to iPad and Mac until the next decade.

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